​Butane Soldering Irons Vs. Electric

​Butane Soldering Irons Vs. Electric

27th Jun 2023

If you have to choose, one of our butane solder irons is definitely the way to go.

To be honest, both of these soldering irons will get the job done. Either one can handle electrical circuit repair, production work, and various other soldering work. The key is choosing the one that does the best job for you. At Solder-It, we believe that the butane solder iron gets the nod because it’s a more versatile tool. We’ll show you why so you can make the best choice.

Electric Soldering Irons

These are useful tools that handle nearly every type of soldering job. That said, you need an electrical outlet to plug the soldering iron into. Sure, there are cordless soldering irons that you can charge and then use on the go. But you still need an electrical outlet for the charging station to make those tools work. This cuts down on the portability of electric soldering irons.

Here are some other things to know about electric soldering irons:

  • Generally speaking, electric soldering irons take a while to heat up.
  • In some cases, these tools struggle to maintain the temperature needed to keep the iron hot.
  • Some inexpensive electric soldering irons might struggle to achieve the temperature you need. In some cases, these tools don’t have any temperature control at all. This makes it hard to get consistent results.

Butane Soldering Irons

The portability issues of electric soldering irons aren’t present here. You don’t have to “plug in” a butane lighter. You just have to make sure its tank has fuel. Since you don’t need plugs and outlets, you can take your butane soldering iron nearly anywhere. This is a gigantic advantage for anyone who does a variety of soldering work.

Here are some other benefits of butane soldering irons:

  • They heat up very quickly. In some cases, they reach top temperature sooner than most electric soldering irons.
  • Butane soldering irons tend to be affordable. So is the butane used to refill the soldering iron tank.
  • They are very common tools. If anything, these tools and the butane used to refill them are very easy to find. For example, we carry a variety of butane soldering irons and accessories.
  • Versatility is the name of the game for butane soldering torches. In addition to various soldering iron tips, some models such as the SolderPro 120 also have a heat-blowing tip. This turns your soldering iron into a heat-shrinking tool.
  • Solder-It produces top quality butane soldering irons that offer temperature control. This is done by adjusting the gas flow and flame size.

Which Soldering Iron is Best For You?

You have to answer this question because only you know what types of soldering work you do. Maybe your electric soldering iron serves you well. If that’s the case, it might be a good idea to keep it. You could still benefit from adding one of our butane solder irons to your toolkit, though. Think of how much more you could get done!

Do you struggle with portability issues with your electric soldering iron? If so, it might be time to get a Solder-It butane soldering iron. Again, it’s all about adding to your toolbox so you have everything you need to handle a variety of soldering work.

Butane Soldering Irons From Solder-It

When you choose Solder-It, you have access to all of our butane soldering irons and butane soldering torches and kits. These tools use butane as their fuel source so you can use them nearly anywhere. Many of these soldering tool kits come with various soldering iron tips and other heads for on-the-job versatility. Happy soldering!