Should I Use a Butane Torch Or Butane Soldering Iron?

Should I Use a Butane Torch Or Butane Soldering Iron?

27th Jun 2023

Both tools should work just fine unless you’re soldering copper pipes. In that case, we recommend the butane torch.

When it comes to butane soldering tools, we are the leading manufacturer. Whether you choose a soldering iron or a torch, these tools handle many of the same tasks. That’s because they use butane as their heat source and feature a variety of tips. Generalities aside, let’s take a closer look at the differences between butane torches and butane soldering irons so you can get the one you need.

A Soldering Iron That Works Like a Torch

That would be our SolderPro 120. When you get the Pro-120K product kit that includes this soldering iron, you also get a heat-blower tip. This makes the butane soldering iron like a butane torch of sorts. This tip makes the SolderPro 120 a good heat-shrinking tool, but it might not be enough to handle the heavy-duty jobs cut out for torches.

The SolderPro PRO-150K soldering iron tool kit also includes a heat blower tip and a heat deflector nozzle. These tools turn the SolderPro 150 into an effective heat-shrinking tool for packaging and certain crafting applications.

A Butane Torch That Solders, Too

The SolderPro 180 is a great example of a multi-purpose butane torch. As part of our SolderPro-180K kit, you get just about everything you need to go to work. This includes a blow torch head, of course, and these soldering iron tips:

  • A 1.8mm conical tip,
  • And a 7mm chisel tip

Does this mean the SolderPro180 can handle every conceivable soldering job? Probably not because the kit lacks a wider variety of soldering iron tips. The conical and chisel tips should be enough to help you handle most general-purpose soldering work.

Soldering Copper Pipes

This is where our butane torches might be the better option. These tools exceed temperatures of 2,500°F. This helps you join copper pipes up to two inches thick in less than a minute. Many soldering irons achieve a maximum torch temperature of up to 2,400°F. That 100- degree difference adds more to the time it takes you to do the same job. Plus, our butane torches produce more flame, which covers larger areas than soldering irons with hot-blower tips can.

We Have Butane Soldering Irons And Butane Torches

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